About Geeveston 

More like a village than a town,  Geeveston is located only 40 kms south of Hobart. Many visitors comment on the township's charm and quaintness, and on the friendliness of the residents. In so many ways, Geeveston is the idyllic rural community that a lot of city folk dream about.

And even though we may be small, we are impressively resourceful thanks to our dynamic community.

You will find many things in Geeveston to both delight you and to take care of your every day needs.  We're full of surprises!

Home of Timber and Tall Trees 

When we say Tall Trees, we mean REALLY tall trees. Like the biggest in Australia. Come and see our family of giant trees in person, or come and admire the handsome timber pieces made by local crafters.

Arts and Crafts in Geeveston

A lot of people who settle in our area seem to discover their creative side, and many of their works are available in local outlets 

Stay in Geeveston

There are over a dozen places to stay when visiting our area. From waterfront hotels and motels to Bed and Breakfast's to places to park your RV short term. Wherever you choose, your stress levels are sure to come down from the abundance of scenic views.

Let's Not Forget About Food!

Whether you want to eat out, or buy farm-gate produce and seafood to prepare yourself, Geeveston is full of pleasant surprises. Many of our suppliers and eateries have won awards for their products and have been featured nationally and internationally on television and in print media. 

The Weather in Geeveston

While our summers are pleasant and mild, the evenings are still considered cool by mainland Australian standards. Occasionally a heat blast comes our way from the central Australian desert, and local thermometers have been known to hit 40C. 

In winter, well, you see the chimneys everywhere? Most homes (and many businesses) have a wood fire burning to keep themselves cosy and warm. Winter is also when it tends to be  wet and rainy, occasionally falling as snow. 

The last thing you need to know about our weather is that it can get a bit breezy down here. Seriously. Wind gusts can sometimes reach 80 km/hour and even more. We catch the winds that race across the oceans called the Roaring 40's. It's sure to blow any cobwebs out of your soul.