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Visit Geeveston, Tasmania!

Welcome to Geeveston, the town in southern Tasmania you have to visit.
We've even got some information for specific types of visitors, so venture in to the areas below or keep on going SOUTH in our fabulous website :-)

Who Are You?

Tourist Couple with Map

Grey Nomads

Family portrait

Family Daytrippers

Couple by a River

Singles & Couples

We have got something for everyone, including clubs and tour groups :-) Read on...

So much to do

Geeveston is unique. Situated on the Huon River and nestled in the forest, the beautiful town is a delight to visit. You can spend days here enjoying the attractions, and then more as you venture to the southern tip of Australia! 

For those who want to travel south, Geeveston is a must; providing a community run tourist information centre, last petrol going south, public toilets, a medical centre, police, fire brigade and even an EV charging station.

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