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Day Trips

Geeveston gives you a great base to access some fabulous day trips! We have sandy beaches that are easy on the legs through to rugged mountains that take your breath away (literally, they involve climbing!). So have a look through our listed sights, and if there's something you think is missing or want clarification from, just contact us!

Tahune Adventures

Air Walk

The famous Tahune AirWalk is an elevated walkway 30 metres above the forest floor, with the final cantilever section sitting at a height of 50 metres above the Huon River, with spectacular views to the confluence of the Huon and Picton and beyond to the peaks of the World Heritage Area.  

Cable Eagle Glider

A cable-controlled hang glider whisks you from the forest floor, 400 metres return across the Huon River, to a launching point 50 metres in the air. You then glide solo back to make a gentle landing.

Twin River Adventures

Have a great time paddling, drifting and splashing on a raft or kayak through bouncy rapids and quiet stretches of the Picton river.

Wing Bridges Walk
Huon Pine Walk

Arve River Picnic Grounds

Arve River Picnic Grounds

The grounds provide tables, composting toilets and woodfire barbecues for a lovely day amongst the trees or longer should you like to camp there. There are also multiple walks available for the more adventurous.

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Hartz Mountains National Park

Overlooking Tasmania’s spectacular south-west mountain ranges, and offering a multitude of scenic walks, Hartz Mountains National Park forms part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Situated at the southern end of the Huon Valley, the park encompasses a high backbone of dolerite rock, small glacial lakes and waterfalls, and a variety of alpine plants and vegetation

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Big Roaring Beach

Big Roaring Beach is one of the best beaches in Southern Tasmania, where you could spend your day in the water swimming, surfing, SUP boarding, kayaking, snorkelling and much more. Seals, dolphins and the occasional whale frequent the bay. 

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Southport Hotel

Approximately 40 kms south of Geeveston. Southport Hotel is Tasmania's and Australia's most Southern Pub. The Southport Hotel is a family friendly hotel with country style meals available for lunch and dinner every day of the week. 


Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs Pool


The Hastings Caves State Reserve is the setting of a complex of caves and a natural warm springs located south of Geeveston. Newdegate Cave, the largest dolomite cave in Australia open to tourists, is a part of the complex. They are located 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) from the nearby Lune River fossil/gem centre and the Ida Bay Railway.

Warm Springs

The complex features natural warm springs, which cause many of the local streams to be at a year-round temperature of 28 °C (82 °F).


Swimming Pool

This feeds a swimming pool at the Hastings Visitor Centre, which is available to visitors to swim in.


Visitor Centre

The Hastings Visitor Centre was built in 2001 by Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife. Offering information, ticket sales, food and drink, souvenirs and free public WiFi. The Centre is a hub for the growing number of tourists that visit the Far South of Tasmania.

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Lune River Gem Fossicking

At the Lune River gemfields, the amateur or experienced fossicker has the chance to find beautiful agates, jaspers, quartz crystals or Early-Jurassic(182 m.y.o.) woods and rare fern fossils. Fossicking doesn’t occur along the Lune River itself, but in some of the hills surrounding it. There are 2 Public Fossicking Areas (PFA) set aside, where permits are not required. Mostly it requires digging with sturdy tools (shovels, mattocks etc.), trying to locate the gravel layer where any gemtones and fossil fragments have settled, but sometimes it's simply a matter of having a ‘keen eye’ as you walk the slopes. Further information regarding these areas can be obtained from the Mineral Resources Tasmania website/booklet or from Lunaris Gemstones, the rockshop at Lune River.

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Adamson's Falls

map - Adamsons Falls.png

An interesting walk through wet forest with a rainforest understory to a spectacular waterfall (after rain). Often Lyrebirds can be seen on this walk. Sections of this track can be slippery and muddy. Medium to hard grade, 3 hours return. Access: Follow A6 south from Dover through Strathblane. Approx. 3.1 km south of the Esperance River Bridge in Strathblane turn right into Old Hastings Road and then right into Darcy Link. Follw Darcy Link (and signs towards Duckhole Lake Walk). Turn left into Creekton Road. Follow Creekton Road, take Coal Hill Road and then turn right into Chestermans Road for a short drive to the car park of Adamsons Falls. Do not take Chestermans Road down to Hastings Caves Road, it is narrow and slippery.

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Huon River Cruises

Imagine stepping back in time and coming aboard a 1948 Historic Tasmanian Wooden Motor Cruiser, while sipping a local drop, enjoying a delicious locally produced tasting board and exploring the stunning Huon River and historic Franklin town. Located on a private dock at the beautiful Heriots Point Vineyard, you will have a short stroll amongst the vines before boarding the beautiful vessel La Drone. With her fully enclosed cabin for all weather conditions, luxurious comfortable seating and stunning Tasmanian black wood fit-out, it is perfect for any day out on the river.

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