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We are engaging the community!

The local community in the Huon Valley is a composed of a wonderful, diverse and friendly group of people. I'm glad to be a local and helping to give this tourist website mobile phone capability and a fresh new structure. The site features my photography and videography of our beautiful locality, but something more is required - people!

I will be filming a family enjoying themselves on the Platypus Walk soon, with the intent of splicing that content into the aerial and creek flyover footage I have filmed. It's going to be fin for some youngsters!

I am also hoping to film some friendly people inviting a visitor (camera :-) ) into the Visitor Centre. That footage will find its way between the drone approach to the front door and the stills photography of inside the Visitor Centre.

If you are a local and would like to get involved, the Geeveston Progress Association and Visitor Centre are wonderful groups of people in which you can experience a sense of community and make a contribution.

Kind regards,

Steve Barnes

Media, Web & Workflow Services

Here is one of my new postcards for the Huon Valley. They will be making their way into retailers for the 2022/2023 tourist season.

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