Satay Shak

Try our secret blend of herbs & spices for the marinade along with special cooking techniques has been passed down to me by my family. I was given the recipe that we use in trust and have held on to it for over 30 years. It was then perfected by us to give its unique flavour.


We only use the freshest Tasmanian Chicken and Lamb.

Our Satay sauce is a Dutch/Indonesian recipe that was also passed on to to me, giving its unique taste


My love of cooking  for family and friends along with this very special traditional dish inspires me to share this authentic taste with everyone, so come and see us at the Twilight Feast at the Geeveston Visitor Centre on the first Thursday evening of every month.


Twilight Feast in Geeveston
Freshest Chicken & Lamb
Secret Family Recipe Sauce
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Geeveston, Tasmania

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Kirk Humphrey

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0439 833 804

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